How to create an event on eventluv.ca?

First, create an account on eventluv.ca/account/login. In the top menu click on Create an event to submit your request. Fill up the form. Once it's done, we will review your event info and will contact you to confirm and finalize your event creation.

Can I create group tickets on eventluv.ca?

Yes. You can create group tickets for your event. Each attendee will have their own ticket and the purchase can be done by one buyer.

As an Event organizer, how do I stop sales for an event?

If you need to cancel an event that has already had tickets sold or reserved, please contact us at eventluv.ca/contact

How to manage Attendees check-in?

Using the check-in app is the fastest way to get your attendees into your event while also allowing you to validate each ticket as they enter. You can download the app by clicking either of the following links based on your operating system. If you ever forget your password, you can quickly reset it by clicking on the forgot password button in the app, and we'll send an email with a link allowing you to set up a new password. Evey events App store Check in Manager . Evey events Google play Check in Manager .

When will my customers receive their tickets?

Once an order is completed, an attendee will be automatically created in eventluv.ca, and a ticket will be sent out to that customer by email.

 How do I print my tickets?

Event Luv is designed to work on mobile devices. You can pull up your ticket on Apple Wallet or through your email on your smartphone. If you don't have a printer or a smartphone you should contact the event organizer and ask them what you should bring to check-in. If the event organization requires a printed ticket or you don’t have a smartphone, you can still print your Event Luv ticket.

What should I do if I lost or never received my tickets?

If you never received an email with your tickets, make sure to first check your spam filters. Every once in awhile we'll end up there. Add eventluv.ca to your list of safe senders to ensure a successful delivery of barcode tickets in the future! f you still haven't received your tickets, please contact us here: eventluv.ca/contact

How to contact the event organizer?

The event organizer contact info is available on the event info page

How do I refund a ticket order?

Only the event organizer can issue a refund of a ticket order for a ticket buyer. If you are a ticket buyer looking for a refund or exchange, please contact the event organizer to request a refund.

Why does my event say "sold out"

When a ticket buyer selects tickets for purchase, the tickets are placed into their cart. If the ticket buyer selects the last of available tickets it results in the ticket type displaying "sold out."

 What are the fees associated with using Event Luv?

There are 3 kinds of fees: Service fees, ticketing fees and payment processing fees. As the event Organizer, you can pay these fees yourself or pass them on to your customers as part of the ticket price. Event Luv service fees: 6% + 0.50$ per ticket Digital ticket fees: 0.50$ per ticket Payment processing and banking fees: 3% + 0.30$ per ticket *Please take note that the event organizer always pays the Digital ticket fees

Why is there acharge from Event Luv on my credit card?

Event Luv is a Montreal online ticketing platform. Event organizers and venues use us to sell tickets to their events online. If you purchased a ticket to an event recently, "eventluv.ca" probably appeared on your credit card statement.The amount of your purchase should match the amount on your credit card statement

Is Event Luv website secure?

Event Luv is fully secure for every transaction and ticket purchase. Our website is hosted and powered by Shopify which is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. This compliance extends by default to all stores powered by Shopify.

How do I receivepayment on Event Luv?

Once your account is approved, Event Luv will contact you to finalize your registration and ask you for your payout details. Your payouts can be processed through your bank account or Paypal 5 business days after your event